International and European Taxation programme for lawyers (LL.M.) and economists

International and European Taxation programme for lawyers (LL.M.) and economists

Dear Candidate!

Due to the many uncertainties and risks surrounding the upcoming months caused by the COVID19 epidemic I would like to inform you that the International and European Taxation programme shall not start in the upcoming academic year. 

The Programme will continue in the academic year 2021/22. Spring of 2022 we look forward to hearing from you.

It is possible to apply for additional LLM courses until September 2020.


ELTE Law has launched a one-year long part-time advanced master programme in English on International and European Taxation for lawyers and economists in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The programme has been open to registration. The education is going to start in September 2018.

Practitioners with law or economics degree can apply for the programme. Most of the courses are the very same for both groups of students, although the syllabus contains specialized courses on economics for lawyers, and on legal topics for economists. The synergies between legal and economic knowledge in the education lift the level of understanding of challenging tax issues.


The one-year long programme is divided into two semesters. The courses are held every second weekend on Friday and Saturday. First semester is about International Taxation. Second semester is on European Taxation. The modern and progressive syllabus is designed to give the students the knowledge necessary to understand the ongoing tax issues of the world we live in. The courses cover – among other topics – the BEPS project, state aids, transfer pricing issues, ATAD and ever-evolving case law of the CJEU and tax planning in practice.
The design of the courses is the following: Semester & curriculum

In sum, the programme is unique and represents high value thanks to the co-operation of western and Hungarian academics, tax practitioners of Big4, judiciary, government and tax authority in the heart of the geographic Europe.


Our teaching staff ensure a well-balanced education in terms of theory and practice.The programme runs in co-operation with outstanding European lecturers such as:

Prof. Dr. Frans Vanistendael
honorary professor of ELTE Law
former academic chairman of IBFD
former dean of KU Leuven (Belgium)

Prof. Dr. Ekkehart Reimer
Heidelberg University Institute of
Public Finance and Tax Law

Prof. Dr. Marco Greggi
Ferrara University
Department of Law

Prof. Dr. Niels Bammens
KU Leuven Belgium




Prof. Dr. Matthias Valta 
Acting professor
Düsseldorf University


Dr. Daniel Varro 
Post doc University Assistant
University of Vienna


The programme enjoys the advantages of being established in association with the market leader tax advisor companies. Top managers and partners of Hungarian Big4 provide the students with practical issues.



Dr. Attila Kövesdy
Partner In Charge Tax &
Legal Deloitte Co. Ltd




Balazs Szuk
Indirect tax manager, PwC






Miklos Santa
Partner EY
International Tax Services
Easter European Business Group



Dr. Arányi Attila

Director, Tax& Legal - Global Mobility Services

KPMG Hungary

Beer Gábor

Partner, Tax & Legal

KPMG Hungary


High representative of the judiciary, chief justice Dr. Peter Darak (president of the Supreme Court of Hungary), furthermore representatives of the tax authority and government Anita Bany and Robert Csabai, Maria Lakatos raise the quality of the pr

Dr. Peter Darak
President of the Curia
(Supreme Court of Hungary)
Lecturer ELTE Law







Anita Bany

Transferpricing Specialist

Central Management,

Audit Department

Unit for Arm’s Length

Price, National Tax

and Customs Administration


Noblilis Benedek

Head of Department

of International

Taxation Division

Ministry for Finance, Hungary


Robert Csabai

Deputy Head of Department

Head of International Taxation Division

Ministry for Finance, Hungary


Lecturer ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences 

Dr. Maria Lakatos
PhD, Habilitation



Lecturers of ELTE Law also contribute to the education.

Dr. Istvan Simon
Associate professor, ELTE Law,
Head of Department of Financial and
Fiscal Law

Dr. Reka Somssich
Associate professor, dr. Habil, Ph.D




Dr. Gabor Kajtar
LL.M. (Cantab), Ph.D. (ELTE),
lecturer ELTE Law




Dr. Monika Papp
lecturer ELTE Law, Ph.D





Dr. Zsolt Szatmari
lecturer ELTE Law



Dr. Zoltan Bodnar

Associate professor



Dr. Tamas Szabados

senior lecturer ELTE Law,




Dr. Gabor Kecso
LL.M. (Suffolk), Ph.D. (ELTE),
programme manager ELTE Law


Thanks to the remarkable and diverse experience of our teaching staff the programme is close to the need of the market, meanwhile it is grounded by massive analytical and theoretical background.


The duration of the program is 2 semesters.
Courses take places in every two weeks (Friday and Saturday).




Practitioners with law or economics degree can apply for the programme, and we need your B2 English language certificate and a letter of motivation too.


HUF 325.000 / semester

Former ELTE's students HUF 292.500,- / semester 


*The deadline of application is 19th of July.

Application for foreign students:

Application for hungarian participant:


Main campus of ELTE Law (Budapest, Hungary, 1053 Egyetem ter 1-3.


Celebrate the 350th consecutive academic year of ELTE Law with us at the opening ceremony of International and European Taxation programme for lawyers (LL.M.) and economists. 


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