Thesis requirements


A requirement of the Master program is the submission of a thesis approved by a thesis supervisor. The thesis supervisor must be a Faculty member or an external lecturer of the Master program.

The thesis proposal (title of the thesis) must be approved by the thesis supervisor by May 2024.

The thesis must be an independent research essay of 40 pages approximately (80 000 typewritten characters).

Students should work with the thesis supervisor to plan a timetable for submitting drafts for review so that the final approval can be achieved in a timely fashion.

The thesis must be submitted in electronic format by 15th of May 2024 to Neptun after the thesis supervisor has given her/his final written approval for the thesis.

The thesis supervisor must give a written evaluation of the thesis for the final exam.

The thesis must be defended at the final exam. It will be graded by the final examination board which takes into account of the grading proposal of the thesis supervisor.

The thesis must be graded from 1 to 5.


  • Use a font size of approximately 12. The only exceptions to this font size are footnotes (not smaller than 9 point) and headings (not larger than 20 point);
  • Black text is recommended;
  • A table of contents is required;
  • Chapters should follow a logical outline, with a clear distinction between chapters and main heads within chapters;
  • Textual notes that provide supplementary information, opinions, explanations or suggestions that are not part of the text must appear at the bottom of the page as footnotes. The same is applicable for references to works cited;
  • A bibliography, references, or works cited is required;
  • Any of the standard style manuals may be used as a guide in formatting references to works cited in the thesis.

Example form